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MRP UPDATE - EARN 50K per MRP by submitting your build

Ok so let's try this again. The idea to submit your build using the Status setting in the game had to be scrapped when it was discovered, after a load of you did it, that the CSV export file Cryptic sends to your PC was actually broken! I mean, don't ask me how you can break a CSV file but Cryptic have done it. I've submitted a ticket but expect no help from them or for them to correct the error. However, I have discovered and tested (so I know it works for sure this time) that we can use the member comments section of the Roster instead.

Earn 50K MRP per event

So this is what I want you to do.

Open your fleet roster by clicking on the fleet on your mini-map

Now open the roster as shown below

With the roster open, find your character name and make sure "Members Comments" is selected from the list.

Now click on the Pen icon or just double click to add your member comment, which will be your build type for that character.

Click OK when you've done.

Repeat on all characters on that account.

Now, when you play that character and your build that you are using actually matches what you've added to your member comments, you will receive 50K MRP points per event.

The build types you can enter are as follows:











The abbreviations stand for:

BO = Beam overload

FAW = Fire At Will

CSV = Cannon scatter volley

CRF = Cannon rapid fire

Torp = Torpedo

Carrier = Carrier

EPG = Exotic Particle Generator

Drain = Drain

Support = Tank/healer

Mix = something that does not fit into any of the above.

These will also appear on your personnel files, so you can quickly check what each of your characters do.

The database will be updated every Sunday morning.

Thanks for your participation and apologies it didn't work right the first time, I was naive enough to believe a simple CSV file would be correct without checking it! My bad! Matt J

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