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MRP Patch Notes 310320 - CD Timers

CFOPS OFFICERS: Niels Weymeis Michael Hall Amie-Mike Holt Gene Kopetsky, Richard Atterton Matt Doody Joshua Warner Mads Torvald Sivertsen @Zendor @Whispers

Certain events have a 24hr cooldown as they reward so much DPS or MRP. In order to see who has already carried out these events for the day as you make your team, you can look to the list on the right side of the calculation sheet.

Anyone on the list for that specific event should not receive an invite to run it again. If you have a full team who are playing the event for the first time then go ahead. Once completed click the big button labelled "Add Players To Cooldown List". This records the event and the players underneath. The players under the event name are those who have played that event. There is a reset button if you go wrong but bear in mind that will clear all timers from all players for that day.

The events will have 24hr CD in their title. Currently, they are: Kobayashi Maru Arena of Sompek NP Sakari Patrol Tau Dew Salvage Run

If you make a mistake and want to remove just one person from the list, then go to the sheet named Sompek and delete their name.

If the CD timer list has some players in it a warning will appear all the time on the sheet to remind you to check CD timers.

The CD Timers will reset automatically between Midnight and 1am BST/UTC, please do not reset them manually unless the time is after 1am and they haven't automatically reset.

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