MRP Reporting Feature

Updated: Feb 14

A new feature has been added to the MRP system which will help to explain results for each player if they request it.

Often a player may think they have done well only to see a much lower score than another player who had similar performance. They may then ask the CFOPS Officer why their score is lower. Rather than the CFOPS Officer having to look for answers he can now simply click in a cell on the calc sheet, copy and then paste into the chat bar. Here is the Calc sheet with the new REPORT function.

Each player has a report cell in red with the word report over it. If a player asks the CFOPS officer to explain their result they can click in the red cell under the word REPORT and copy that to the chat which will give a result that looks like this:

The report will count up how many MRP console packs you are short, how many merit packs you are missing, if you have the main event bonus and the secondary event bonus or not, your DPS, your Threat and your Crit.

This should be enough to explain why a score is lower than expected, there are other reasons such as the other player may have a daily bonus active, they may have more EXP, or elite fleet bonus, but there is a limit on how much information the report can show on one line in the game and the items mentioned are the main areas of concern.

If you are a player and would like this information just ask for it after an event, you can ask for it to be private or not, if so the CFOPS will PM you the information.

I hope both players and CFOPS will find this useful. If you have any questions please write them below.

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