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MRP Patch Notes V3.66

K'Ching - The sound of an ancient cash register when opened and usually associated with receiving cash.

A much loved and fun feature of MRP events has been reinstated by popular request. This time it works even better than before.

The K'Ching bonus gives you a share of the lost points a player gets when they die.

It works like this, apologies for the maths:


Above: Calculates the sum of all scores and then divides by the number of deaths


Above: This is the K'Ching amount for a particular player. Calculates how many points were lost by that player and divides it by 4 for the other teammates (note I kept it at 4 even if the team isn't full to avoid ridiculously massive differentials between the players on the team).


Above: Calculates and assigns all the K'Ching amounts from all the players and adds it to your score.

The above is interesting as you could actually die and then end up with a higher score than you would have if everyone else dies more than you! LOL!

This is ready for 2021 and should be fun. K'Ching!

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