MRP Patch Notes

Version 3.8 Adding user set builds to the MRP system from the Status setting ingame

All eyes attention


Users will have populated their status setting for every character with their build type.

This is now detected by the calculation sheet as you will see below.

If you look at circle A you will see a cell labelled "User" and to the right a cell which reports "Not Set". This means the user has not entered their data into the Status setting in the game, so you will still have to ask them what it is or check the Combat log analysis to determine what it is. In this case a "?" will appear in red where it normally states "Build" and a warning will appear on the warning bar labelled here as a circle C, that states "User build does not match chosen build", this will appear if one or more builds don't match.

For User at circle B you will see the user build is set to CSV and as such we have set the build to CSV so they match and no "?" is present.

Under ideal scenarios, we could totally automate this but sadly it's not possible for the following reasons.

  1. Users may not yet have set their status

  2. Users may have changed their build since the last export of the database.

So it's always best to check, but this new system should help out when choosing builds.

If a user has not set their status, this is the perfect time to tell them to do so, whilst they are on that specific character.

To change Status, simply press "O" in-game, click the "Set Status" button and enter your build type, which should be exactly as follows:











No other words should be present in the status button area or strange things may happen.

This change is live now and the statuses will be uploaded tomorrow morning, so at present only my characters are correct.

If you have any questions please ask me.

Matt Johnson

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