MRP Patch Notes

These patch notes only affect the CFOPS Officers.

Sometimes the leaderboard does not update properly with the actual event just completed.

The update is good to go button sometimes lies.

In an attempt to get around this issue (caused by lag between the sheets on the Google Servers) I have added the following.

* Complete mission as normal and head over to the leaderboard sheet.

Wait for the load bar to finish loading, then click the checkbox, or unclick the checkbox shown on the image below to force a rescan.

Once this is done, click on the new button in the centre of the sheet under the title, "Check update Status".

Here you will see the data the Leaderboard currently has for the last event. If this is correct and matches what you just ran then you can close the update window with the large X on the top right of your screen and update the leaderboard. If it has not yet updated click or unclick the checkbox to force a rescan. Then wait until the data matches what you just ran, once it does then close the update window and update the Leaderboard as normal.

If you have any questions please speak to me in Discord.

Please ensure you have refreshed your Leaderboard to see the above changes.

Matt J

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