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Check out the exciting changes coming to Star Trek Online SRS MRP in these patch notes


A rolling data set of 200 logged events has been introduced to the SRS DPS League.

Only the last 200 events will be recorded. This will ensure that Captains cannot "Park" their score at a high average and walk away as eventually, their high score will drop off the data set.

Captains will need to monitor their performance in each league and see if they need to run more loggable events in that league in order to maintain a presence there.

In order to see how many events you have logged for that specific build type, an indicator has been added to the DPS league. If this drops below 10 events it will light up red as per the example shown. This means you should take action in order to maintain your position in that league. In this example, you can see that I have 84/200 total logged events but only 5 are in the EPG league, I need to run some EPG events soon or I will lose my position and high score. The System top 20 is also affected by this change, so don't think you can get a high Infected run and it will stay there forever because it will also disappear, you need to continually gain good results in order to maintain your position.

This will affect the way you use the expunge pack. If you use it too much then you run the risk of falling off the leaderboard.

200 events have been chosen due to the number of leagues, this may not be enough and may be adjusted upwards, more data is required to home in on the correct number of events to log.

NOTE: This change has been brought about by much discussion, some quite heated, I know some people won't like it but I think most people, including me, see the reason it has been introduced, it is also similar to the previous older version of the overall league table we used to have.

This change is live now.

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