MRP Patch Notes

Various changes are underway to improve the appearance and legibility of the MRP Calculation Sheet. See the image below for an explanation.

1. Areas that are no longer selectable but are useful information are now greyed out. This is because the sheet now auto-configures the settings required for each event.

2. An image of the event chosen will appear next to the All Missions area, this is for aesthetics more than anything but may help serve as a reminder of the mission.

3. The warnings area has been all moved to one location on the left side of the screen where the warning symbol is showing up, this makes it quicker and easier to see if there is a problem or an alert.

4. A new "Modified DPS Report" is available for simple one-click copy and paste to the SRS Armada chat channel. This is different in that the data displayed is modified by your DPS packs if purchased. It is also neater than the SCM DPS and shows only the first 5 characters of the player name and is, therefore, shorter and easier to read.

Ongoing work: The images for each mission are being added, it is a painstaking process and will take some while before completed.

There may be other minor cosmetic changes coming.

Known Issues: Sometimes graphical items do not display, this is nothing to do with the sheet and seems to be latency between your sheet copy and the internet, basically a known Google bug. Restarting the calculation sheet normally resets it.


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