MRP Patch Notes


CFOPS Officers should note that the log data button is essential to ensure everyone gets a chance to join MACO, SPEC OPS or SECTION 47. This should be pressed once after each suitable mission.

Missions that qualify meet the following characteristics:

Single map only (this can be a single map in a mission replay if combat is continuous and can build up a good dps)

Space only - never ground

Never NPE (Non-parseable event)

* Added clearer instructions for the Log Data button

* Fixed and error in the records sheet that was showing numbers rather than player names

* Altered the way qualification is calculated for MACO, Spec Ops and Section 47 fleets, this is now based on DPS and number of LOGGED qualifying events as follows: * SRS MACO - 10 events - 20,000 DPS

* SPEC OPS - 15 events - 40,000 DPS

* SECTION 47 -SRS- 20 events - 60,000 DPS

The above are subject to change over time. * Removed all foundry missions from the mission selection list :(

* Removed Area Denial from the calculation sheet (this was going to be a set of special foundry missions that were being written)

* Added a final column checker to the leader board. CFOPS - There is a bug in Google sheets, if you add columns to the right the columns further to the fight of those you added do not increment cell identifiers. The final column checker will quickly tell you if cells are incremented.

In the formula when you click on final column checker you will see the last column included in calculations, in this case it is PO3. PO being the final column before the reporting section of the sheet beings. If these two don't match up then the columns have been added to the right and not the left.

Columns should only be inserted left, not right.

* A bug was found that prevented some player's graphs to be displayed incorrectly or not at all, this has been fixed.

* Shortened the results line for reporting an event results in SRS Armada chat to (example): RESULTS - NP - Unity - Brothra System @TFR_MACO_Specialist-97202, @yamuro1392-90483, @SheaDukat-67467, @misterloz-26900, @PK51-22827- See * The detailed comparative analysis graphs are now on a specific board on the forum.

* You can check that board by clicking here * Various tidying up of the calculation sheet for easier use for CFOP Officers. ENDS

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