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Hello folks

The following is an update to the way the MRP system handles data for NPE (Near Parsable Events). Over the last few weeks I have been checking data from NPE events, these are events where the combat log would not return correct parse data for DPS from different players across the map. E.G. Azure Nebula, players are so far apart that the combat log will only record data from the player making the log. Cryptic appears to have made a change to the amount of data being sent to the combat log parser, anyone over 30Km away is now no longer recorded at all. So this means that whilst we always used to get other data such as threat, healing etc, we are getting no data or inaccurate data. Clearly, this gives the person parsing a very large advantage and all other players a massive disadvantage.

So all NPEs are now going to be called once again NON Parsable Events. The data from the combat log will be used for two data sets, the player names and the deaths recorded, everything else is substituted for a standardised set of results.

Instead, the MRP Calc sheet will insert a standard set of values for space and ground events. These values are as follows:


DPS 200,000 1,000

Total Dmg 20,000,000 200,000

Max Hit 200,000 5,000

DMG In 500,000 5,000

Threat 20% 20%

Heal Out 200,000 5,000

This will ensure that everyone starts on a level playing field.

Differences you see in the scores will be based on the following:

Weekly Endeavour Rank


SRS Merit Packs SRS Merit Consoles

Elite Fleet membership Build Matching

The fleet of the week

The other weekly bonuses

Hazard Team bonus Daily Bonus BUILD MATCHING

The bonus for build matching has been doubled from 50,000 MRP to 100,000 MRP

Build matching is when you have identified your build in the "members comments" field in the ROSTER within the game. If you're not sure where to add it just ask, however here is a screenshot of where you put it:

The build choices available for SRS are as follows, and these must be entered exactly as you see here (not case sensitive), any deviation of the name will be ignored by the spreadsheet and I have no power to correct it if you've done it wrong.

Name of build Abbreviation to enter in the comments field

Exotic Particle build EPG

Fire at will FAW

Cannon Scatter Volley CSV

Cannon Rapid Fire CRF

Torpedo builds TORP

Carriers CARRIER

Beam Overload BO


Mixed build type MIX

Tanking and support SUPPORT

Torp boat with science SCITORP

Do not add anything else to this field or it will be automatically ignored, e.g. don't put "CSV God Mode YAY" or anything like that, only the abbreviation.

A few notes: Mixed builds must contain the following to qualify:

at least 1 torpedo

at least 1 beam bank or array or Omni

at least 1 cannon or turret

They must also have a firing mode for each

TS (torpedo spread) or HY (High Yield), BO or FAW, CRF or CSV

DRAIN builds must have a minimum of 500 drain showing in stats.

These things will be checked if the event is a parsed event for the SRS DPS league What happens if I've changed my build from the last time it was uploaded to the spreadsheets?

In this case, you won't get the build matching bonus to MRP but it will be logged correctly for the DPS leagues, I and Fer always check on parsed events that each person's build matches what they have recorded in the comments section, either by looking at the combat parser analysis or by asking.


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