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We have a Romulan-themed set of MRP bonuses for this coming week


Romulan Allegiance

Romulan Ship

Fleet of the week: SRS New Romulus Command

Double bonus to DPS

Weekly Endeavour week 2:

Complete 15 MRP events to win 500 Favors and gain 1 rank point.

Favors can be used to buy some essential items from the summer event store Remember you can check your rank points in the Personnel Files

Section 47 Qualifications

We have one new member who has qualified for -SRS- Section 47 this week as shown below in the fleet memorandum.

-SRS- Section 47

New items have been added to the Section 47 webpage for members of this elite fleet. There are now some amazing wallpapers to download as well as some STO Key Codes for the Temporal Agent Start Pack which includes a Paladin T6 ship.

Members of other SRS fleets can obtain this key code here:

Your Temporal Agent Starter Pack includes:

Constitution Light Cruiser (T1)

Paladin Temporal Battlecruiser (T6)

TOS Ripped Uniform

Starfleet 0718 Model Android Officer

Temporal Agent Title

These key codes are still valid and can be claimed most easily here:

Would you like to join -SRS- Section 47?

Requirements to join

1. Must have an average DPS of more than 200,000 (logged only on DPS league events) 2. You must have completed at least 20 logged events.

3. Must be ranked at least Admiral 1 star


Withdrawn on Saturdays and Sundays only

1 Star Admiral - 4 million EC

2 Star Admiral - 6 million EC

3 Star Admiral - 8 million EC

4 Star Admiral - 10 million EC

Other rewards

Amazing Wallpapers

Fantastic Uniform

STO Key Codes (regularly updated)

Game: Starfleet Academy

Game: Star Trek Elite Force 2

Full Album - The music of Star Trek Online

Enrollment Certificate

Boost to MRP Score of 5% per event

More rewards are being added all the time.

If you qualify for -SRS- Section 47 you will be contacted and invited to join.

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