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The return of the rotational careers in carriers this week folks and new for 2020 is a Total Damage Boost. This boost will add a small addition to your overall MRP score at all times but during the Damage Boost week it will double your total damage done to give a significant boost. If you are also running the Total Damage pack you will see an even bigger boost, this would be worth around 40-60000 MRP based of an event where you did around 90 million damage (e.g. Starbase 1 elite). This begins Saturday 11th April at a new earlier time of 17:00 UTC (18:00 BST).


Rollover this week guys, not a single ticket sold, I'm guessing I forgot to nag enough during the week.

Fleet Reassignments

SRS Command is becoming rather full, and so we are beginning the process of moving folks to the correct respective fleets. These are:

Romulans go to SRS New Romulus Command

Jem'Hadar go to the SRS Dominion Alliance

Temporal go to SRS Chrononauts

Borg go to SRS xBs

Standard Starfleet go to SRS Command or SRS Delta Command

We are also working on a second Armada of fleets, more information on this will follow once we have sorted out some sticky issues over there. This will open up a vast new set of themed fleets for us to choose from.


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