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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

NPE Cap Currently, there is a cap of 500K MRP plus a few special bonuses for parsed events. The NPE (Non-parseable events) had no cap as they were based off average. However, with more folks running massive Sompek runs the average is creeping up to an unsustainable level. To keep some difference between Parsed and NPE a cap of 450K MRP plus some bonuses has been added to the sheet. So if you get an NPE score lower than your average this is why and the situation will stabilise shortly after a few events. Apologies for having to enter this cap but things were getting out of hand.

SRS MACO Spec Ops and Section 47 -SRS- The three month grace period is over for these fleets and now places are reviewed at the start of each calendar month. Places will be frozen again at the start of 2021 for two months. So, if you have lost your place now, work hard to regain the DPS lost and you'll be invited back in again at the start of the next month. This includes all privileges, special chat channels, website access, EC allowance etc, all is removed if you don't maintain your position and all is regained on readmittance.

Master Keys Now with the sale on, we suggest you buy master keys at 5.7 million each or lower then wait until the price rises back up to 6.5 million after the sale ends to make a killing on the EC market.

Dilithium Weekend

Cryptic wrongly advertised this event for this week, it does in fact start next Thursday, April 9th.


With the current lockdown, now is a great time to start a new character or grind for that item or ship you always wanted. We are always looking for folks to recruit both ingame and in other areas such as the forum or Facebook. We have a forum post but I cannot access it any more. If someone would like to continue updating it the post can be found here.

Academy Graduation

Please check this list on the forum to see if you need to be graduated to a main fleet. If you are on there then let us know in game.

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