Time to get out the big guns guys, it's Dreadnought Week from 20:00 UTC today. Also includes Juggernauts.

Elite Fleet Invites

This week we will start rolling out the invites to the elite fleets, that's SRS MACO, SRS Spec Ops, Section 47 -SRS. There will be a news blog listing all the names of people who are eligible, this will be posted to Facebook and in game mail. It is your responsibility to tell us if you want to move and be online at a suitable time to be moved. You rank will be the same as your armada rank which you can find now by clicking the "My SRS Rank" button above.

There are big advantages to joining the elite fleets, from merits to daily EC withdrawals. Check out the details on the fleet menu above.


Don't forget to buy your lottery ticket, see this page for details on how to purchase lottery tickets.

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