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MRP League Changes

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Hey DPS chasers, some exciting updates to the SRS DPS leagues have been made and are now live.

Multiple Build Inclusion

If you take part in a league, say ISE for example, and you run it on various different build types, e.g. CSV, EPG, TORP, you will now see all your results in the top 20 (assuming you're good enough to get in the top 20). So you will see your TORP build results, your CSV results and so on. This is also going to form the basis of an exciting new ranking system that will be fair and honest rather than working on some complex averaging system; that next step will take some time to implement as it's a lot of work, however it is in the pipeline.

This will mean that some people with lower scores are pushed below the top 20, but that's a fact of life I'm afraid. Get good to get in the top 20, see our build pages for example builds, ask in chat for assistance on Discord, ingame etc, there are always a lot of people eager to assist you to do better. You can get premium advice from the following experts: Matt Doody



Tempest Jerry





and me

(sorry if I missed anyone)

That's a lot of experienced people who love to help.

X-Quotient Scaling

X-Quotient is the one league that doesn't rely on DPS, instead, it takes your healing and multiplies it by your threat %. E.G, if you heal for 5 million and your threat is 80% then you'll get 80% of 5 million as your X-Quotient, in this case, 4 million. If you are a tank/support you should be aiming for healing and threat to take the heat off your team. However, the amount of healing in some events is in the millions and this throws the figures beyond the scope of our pretty graphs. So a global "division by 3" has been carried out. Now everything fits on our graphs and it's a more manageable figure. As it has affected everyone the same there is no difference in league placings or points earned on MRP events. So instead of expecting around 1,500,000 X-Quotient in a good Hive you'll see around 500K. An average X-Quotient figure would be around 200K now for Hive.

New Ranking System (coming in the future sometime)

It is coming in the future but you can work towards it now by diversifying your builds and trying your hand at all sorts of different builds for each different league in the SRS League list. We have 17 different maps we parse events on, and if you went for three build types that gives you 51 challenges to try and beat your own score and others.

SB234 Benchmarking

Don't forget that the best benchmarking in the game is still Starbase 234. You can test your build on advanced or elite, but make no mistake elite is very very hard, whereas advanced is a cakewalk. See our SB234 page for more details on how to use this excellent patrol to improve your build, this is found under the build menu on the website or visit direct here: Beginners and intermediate players should not attempt elite, you have been warned!

I hope you are all excited by these changes and give each of the systems a go, ask your CFOPS officer to run a system with you, but remember you need at least 4 people in the team in order for it to be logged.

Have fun

Matt Johnson

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