MRP is back!

Hey guys, I think this news may be welcome by some of you. We are almost ready to reintroduce MRP back into SRS STO. It's been about 7 months since anything much was really done in STO and we all know the reasons why. Whilst some of you have wandered off to other games there have been a few like, Doc, Loz, Mauler, Bear, Jack, and others who have kept the fires burning. Personally I was absolutely gutted when the foundry closed, but over time I have started to miss playing STO and recently I've come back to the game to see what I've missed and how it's changed. Well the good news is that all the builds are still top notch and there is no unmissable console that must be applied, or fancy new traits that you must have, my Klein is still hitting an Alpha of 250K CRF3 and my Vengeance and Universe class are still surviving.

The Klein single target DPS taken today

Whilst we are missing 40+ missions from the foundry we do have 5 new patrols and 5 more updated patrols, which when added to the list in the MRP sheets gives a reasonble total of 99 playable and teamable missions. The good news is that the splitting of instance problems on teams has been solved, at least in tests so far, and the Patrols, some of them, can be accessed via a new UI.

The new Patrol UI

I have removed all the old missions that are no longer available and checked the operation of the MRP Calc and MRP Leaderboard as well as the packs sheet and others, everything works as expected amazingly so we can more or less continue from where we left off.

On a personal note, I now manage Skyrim Red Shirts and I am heavily invested in this game, however I want to split my time now more evenly between the two MMOs, I guess we'll see how that works. So if any of you guys want to come back to STO I will be online this evening running a few MRP events, just to get back into the flow of things. Tomorrow (24th Sep) I am hosting a trial on ESO and so will spend most of my time there but will be back on STO again by Wednesday this week. LLAP SRS C in C

Admiral Matt Johnson

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