Changes for 2021, end of year details for MRP, mega console pack Expunge Hey folks, some changes to be made for next year's MRP and DPS leagues.

The Expunge pack will be no more, this pack will be replaced with something else and you may choose that option or have your 150 merits refunded. This will give a more accurate depiction of a player's real DPS on specific builds The expunge button will remain for exceptional circumstances, for example, if a player is kicked from the server during an event.

Death Buy Back

This will be significantly more expensive, rising from 5 merits to 10 merits per death

MRP Caps

Caps will be adjusted so that the most MRP a player can earn will be 1 million (not counting console packs and any multipliers used for special events)

Expect further update announcements to the MRP system later this year.

End of Year

2020 MRP will end at 17:00 on Saturday 19th December and begin at 17:00 on Saturday 3rd January 2021.

Prizes will be shipped out as soon as possible after that point and there will be an end of year MRP party on Saturday 19th, ingame prizes will be awarded then.

Console Packs

Currently, there are four packs to choose from, each boosting your MRP, by December there will be three more, giving 7 in total. You will be able to purchase all 7 in a console mega pack before the start of 2021 MRP Season. Purchase options will be EC, Keys or merits or a combination of those currencies. The price will be made available in December. There will be another Megapack 6 months later for the whole 12 pack which will represent all consoles that will ever be made. October MRP Console

Look out for a new blog this week on the October console. The XQP Support Pack console will continue to be available for an extra week as it was started late due to holidays.

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