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MRP Deferal

Hi Folks

A suggestion from Eleyond@kefas has been adopted for the MRP system.

When you type the keyword to join an MRP event, you can now add the suffix -D after the keyword. This -D means you are prepared to Defer to another player should the event be oversubscribed. For example, if you see an event in chat like this:

Normal Difficulty:-Kobayashi Maru (Infinite levels - NPE) - [Keyword=Voth]

To join you would type Voth. If you want to defer to another player should the team fill up then you would simply type

Voth -D

The CFOPS officer will then know you are prepared to defer and should another player wish to go you will be kicked from the team and the other player will be invited.


If you choose to Defer you will receive half the MRP of the player who took your place in the team. The player who took your place will receive MRP as normal.

Thanks to Eleyond for this great idea.


Matt J

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