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MRP Bonus WEEK NEWS - Beat the Annorax

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

This week's bonuses in MRP only with SRS This week it's the turn of the Science Captains, running Science ships and measuring DPS.

Fly a science ship for a major boost to your MRP score (must have a secondary deflector to count)

Use a Captain with a Science Career to gain a moderate boost to your MRP score Gain more MRP with a higher DPS

Also for this week, you can wager (if you are over 18) to beat the DPS score on certain missions. You will be told which missions these are at the time. If you agree to wager then you must agree to deposit 8,000 dilithium in a fleet holding of our choice. If you win you will receive a master key and the title of FLEET CHAMPION which will appear on your MRP printouts and in the website.

Further MRP NEWS


The cap for all missions has been raised from 200K (+ personal bonuses) to 500K, no longer will you be penalized for being freaking awesome.

Elite Achievement Bonuses

For certain missions, now being added, the CFOPS will be able to apply many other bonuses to your score if the outcome is successful. For example the recent win over the VSS Implacable in the Battle of Korfez triggered this requirement to offer something more, something big for this most difficult of challenges. So some missions will have a special notice which will pop up on the screen when the CFOPS officer enters the mission. It may be a no death challenge, it may be a time limit challenge, or it may just be a successful completion challenge. You will be told at the start of the mission if there is more up for grabs.

More on this to follow in a separate news item as this system is finalised.


Lottery Don't forget your tickets, a few hours left to enter then draw for this evening.

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