MRP Awards 2020

MRP Events end this year on Saturday 19th at 4pm GMT.

The results and top 30 places will be published within hours of the ending of this year's event.

Come and join us on Sunday 20th December at Q's Winter Wonderland from 7pm GMT. Prizes will be awarded for the first 30 places. The instance will be chosen at 7pm as the lowest populated instance and you can invite people to join once you are in the correct instance by teaming with them before they come to the Winter Wonderland.


Don't forget that for next year the MRP events begin on January 2nd at 4pm GMT and will run to December 18th 2021 at 4pm GMT. In order to get a really useful boost to your MRP scores consider going for the console Mega-Pack whilst it is still available for the low price of 50 million MRP (normal price 144 million). After December this pack will not be available again until July for a brief time. Funds raised go to help pay towards MRP prizes.

To find out more go to the news page about the console mega pack or click on the ordering button on the home page.

Next year's prizes are set, this time it's just EC, with a 1st place of 2 billion EC. During the year we will be holding events that reward T6 coupons for the C store, so look out for those as well as other events for various different much sought after gear.

Hope to see you on Sunday if you can tear yourselves away from Cyberpunk long enough!

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