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Because it needs to be done and Cryptic can't be bothered.


Main Bonus - Fly any ship seen in any DS9 episode (docked or flying, not on a display screen)

Secondary Bonus - Any DS9 race (Human, Ferengi, Bajoran, Cardassian, Klingon, Trill, Romulan etc) Build Bonuses are: Double Max Hit

Special 150K bonus for wearing a DS9 uniform on ground missions

This week's SRS Endeavour: Earn 1 rank point for commenting below, tell us your favourite DS9 episode and what you loved about it.

Fleet of the Week (small 100K bonus) is SRS Freedom Fighters

WEBSITE NEWS (refresh to see changes)

  • I have tidied up the Account Pages, take a look to see the changes and whilst you are there why not update your profile and banner images, also add any info you may think is relevant.

  • Updated the fleet command structure page to add Mike as a CFOPS


  • The Hall of Fame is now under the MRP menu

  • Tidied up the mobile version of the site and added the Hall of Fame as requested.

  • The Support button now takes you directly to the support page

  • Badges have been issued to relevant personnel. If you are missing a badge let me know.

Cryptic News

  • Cryptic has a new Executive producer, he was on the live stream the other night. He's been there for 12 years so don't expect anything to change.

  • They have broken Call Emergency Artillery which now does about a tenth of what it used to do. This is an error and should be fixed.

  • The current lobi sale is not worth it, wait until the 50% sale which should be in February.

  • The 13th Anniversary bundle will be out mid-Feb, and should include a Nebula, a Hestia, an Aquarius and something else, these will probably be Terran versions and NOT legendary, each will be available individually in the C store, but you can be sure the bundle will throw in a must-have ship (due to the trait) as an incentive.

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