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Run what ya brung this week in MRP, any ship, any race, all get max bonus.

The Fleet of the week is SRS Freedom Fighters

Endeavour this week

Earn 50,000 fleet credits by donating to any SRS Fleet in either armada. If you can, please donate to SRS Freedom Fighters.

Once you have earned your 50K FC please mail in game Matt@tfr_maco_specialist or Drew@fergamer#3657 to let us know. This is done on trust as we can't check ourselves.

Fleet Manoeuvres

The Borg Vinculum fleet is being moved from the main armada to the SRS Red Matter armada so that we can bring SRS Freedom Fighters over to the main armada which will help get it built. The Borg Vinculum fleet has never taken part in any events with the exception of their leader who came with us on a few events when they first joined. It constantly surprises me that so many people, hundreds in fact, never take part in anything, especially if they are not in an SRS fleet, even though all events and competitions are open to all fleets. SRS Team Battles

After the first week, the teams are neck and neck, this tells me we have the team member mix more or less right, it's going to be a close competition.

Note no further team members are being accepted for SRS Team Battles from this point on.

Farragut Infinity Box I don't recommend getting this ship, for all the reasons I suggest you watch Spencer's video here:

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