MRP 2020 Starts 5 Jan 20

Start the year with a triple bonus boost.

Gain bonus marks from any ship, with additional bonuses from any career or race and another boost from Max single hit in any single event.

Now's a good time to get the max one hit merit pack if you don't have it but have enough merits, this costs 20 merits, just let me know if you want it. The first interim prize is a T6 C-store ship token to the first officer to reach 20,000,000 MRP. Remember you can rapidly boost your daily MRP with EXP MRP for carrying out exploration missions and much more.

Begins at midnight 4/5 January 2020 for one week.


Don't forget your lottery tickets, these help fund the prizes this year and give you a chance of a nice cash boost. See this page if you don't know how it works.


CFOPS (Chief of Fleet Operations Officers) are needed for all timezones. If you would like to take part in running the MRP system and events in the game please let me know.

NEW** CFOPS REWARDS CFOPS will receive one lottery ticket for each event they run per week. Each lottery ticket is worth 500K EC.

Have fun in 2020 guys, should be a great year.


Matt Johnson

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