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More Alexa Questions - Starship Traits

You can now ask Alexa about the following Starship traits, simply state the name of the trait once you have opened the skill.

E.g. "Alexa, open SRS", wait for response then "Ceaseless momentum",

you can interrupt the response just by saying "Alexa", then state the next trait or question name. I couldn't get all the traits into the skill so listed the top 54 traits, some are so bad nobody would use them so they were missed off.

List of traits for Alexa Advanced Firing Solutions

All Hands on Deck

Assimilated Power Conduits

Attack Pattern Delta Prime

Black Alert

Calm Before the Storm

Ceaseless Momentum


Cold Hearted

Coordinated Assault

Delphic Phasing

Desperate Repairs

Directed Energy Flux

Dominion Coordination

Emergency Weapon Cycle

Exotic Modulation

Go for the Kill

Heart of Sol

Highly Specialized

History Will Remember

Hit and Run

Honored Dead

Improved Feedback Pulse

Improved Gravity Well

Improved Photonic Officer

Improved Tachyon Beam


Legacy of QonoS

Numerical Superiority

Obedience is Victory

Overwhelming Force

Particle Feedback Loop

Persistence of the Founders

Polarized Lattice Optimized Tritanium Armor

Preferential Targeting

Pride of Mol Rihan

Promise of Ferocity


Redirecting Arrays


Scramble Fighters

Shield Overload

Specialist Knowledge

Spore Infused Anomalies

Streak Breaker

Super Charged Weapons

Superior Area Denial

Superweapon Ingenuity


Target Rich Environment

Terran Machinations

Time to Kill

Unstable Anomalies

Withering Barrage

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