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I think it's safe to say that the MRP system has been a great success. We don't always get everything right but nearly everything has worked as intended. One merit pack that has not worked is the Special Event bypass. The unintended consequence of this is that some players naturally stick with their best ships no matter what the event, which really undermines the entire idea of special events in the first place. We asked on the Facebook poll if you think this pack should be removed and the results so far is overwhelmingly to remove it and refund the merits. This has been done. As of today, the Special Event bypass merit pack has been retired and your merits refunded. If you have the merit pack which boosts your merits by 20% you will receive back 160 merits, if you do not have this pack you will receive back 200 merits.

Event pack change

In addition to the above, it was also noticed how much value players give to the special event. It encourages diversity in our missions and variation is fun and interesting. So the current event pack, which boosts the Special Event bonus by 10% has been increased to 50%. This means that if you take part in the Special Event, e.g. fly an Escort in Escort week, you will receive an even bigger bonus to your score if you already have or will buy the event pack. The price of this pack has also risen from 20 merits to 50 merits to reflect it's new power.

New Packs Available Today

Today we are revealing 5 new merit packs, these are as follows.

The Expunge Pack Allows the holder of this pack to choose whether they can expunge their data after the the logable elite DPS event. Currently you must notify before the event starts. Price: 150 merits. This is the only pack that doesn't affect MRP but instead affects your standing in the SRS DPS League.

The Merit to MRP Boost Pack

This pack will give you 20 additional MRP per merit you currently have in your merit bank. E.g. if you currently have 100 merits you would receive 2000 (100 x 20) additional merits. This pack costs 40 merits because it can increase your MRP every time you carry out a mission.

The Death Exchange Pack

This is a really fun pack. If you hold this pack, you may barter or buy your deaths from someone else. E.g. bob has 3 deaths, greatly affecting his score. Dave only has 1 death and doesn't care about his score so much, maybe he has a massive lead already. Bob can say to Dave, please buy my 3 deaths, I will give you X for them. X can be whatever you want, we don't care, Dave may be feeling generous and buy them for free, if you're lucky! You are only allowed to do this if you own this pack and the CFOPS officer will check you have this pack before changing the death tally. In this example only Bob needs to have the pack.

The Explorer Pack You will gain a bonus MRP based on your current total in EXP/MRP the score you have for all your exploration missions. This is set to 0.5% of your total EXP for the year. So if you have 1,000,000 EXP you gain 5,000 MRP. Price = 100 merits

Total Damage Pack Earns you 0.01% of your damage taken as MRP points. Price 20 merits.


Go and check the "My Packs" button at the top of the page. This has been updated now to show the new packs, the price, and if you put your pointer over the image it gives a small note explaining what each merit pack offers.

SRS Elite Fleet Membership

Those currently in SRS MACO and above can earn merits. Membership for existing members is frozen until 1st April. New members will be invited to join from February 1st. Both Spec Ops and Section 47 also allow you to earn merits. Look out for your invite soon if you have qualified. If you are in MACO already and no longer qualify on April 1st you will be transferred to SRS Command if there is room or another fleet if not.

Section 47 Members new bonus

Section 47 members can now download Star Trek Elite force directly from our website. This is a zipped preinstalled version of the game. Just put the folder into your program files x86 folder and it should work. You may have to play around with the right resolution for your monitor, there are plenty of sites out there which can explain how to modify the config files. This is offered as-is and with no support. It is guaranteed and checked by SRS to be virus and malware-free.

Finally all the above packs are now available for purchase.

Matt Johnson MRP Dev. (always wanted to be called a Dev lol)

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