Major update to Space DPS Leagues

Now you can see the league table for each system. To use this simply select the system you want to interrogate and you will see a list of the top 20 players recorded to date.

Try it out, simply hit the "SRS Space DPS Leagues" at the top of each page.

If you find any errors please report back, this was a complex bit of spreadsheet coding to get it to work and over 2000 entries had to be adjusted for the new data set.


Please note, two of the 2000 entries I adjusted were actually listed as ground maps. Please ensure that before you hit the log space data button the correct map is shown. It didn't matter before but now it will unless you want to see someone with 600,000 DPS be at the top of NTTE! Reminder - SPACE AND GROUND

You must not log either space or ground event that is not on elite and does not have a full team. Less than full teams will skew the data and can give either a higher result or a lower result depending on the map.

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