Latest MRP Prize The NX-01

The latest MRP prize is the renowned NX class light escort.

One of the best escorts in the game with one of the better T5 mastery starship trait, preferential targeting.

MRP Requirements Simply be the first Captain to 20 million MRP during this campaign. (This has increased from 16 million for the last prize due to the large increase in MRP caps allowed).

How to earn MRP (Mission Replay Points)

Check out our dedicated page for MRP which explains all you need to know on the advantages of taking part.

The NX-class Escort Refit

The NX-class Escort Refit is a Lieutenant (Tier 6) level scaling Escort. Federation players can obtain this vessel from the Lobi store for 900 lobi. It can be traded on the Exchange before unpacked.

The 23rd century refit of the legendary NX-class of the 22nd century, this escort vessel is both tough and nimble in battle. A key component of this ship’s arsenal is the new Point Defense Bombardment Warhead, which fills an area with micro-torpedoes before the primary payload has detonated on impact.

This vessel can utilize the Pilot and Temporal bridge officer powers, as well as other abilities described below.

Universal Consoles

This vessel comes equipped with the Point Defense Bombardment Warhead universal console, which is part of the Synergistic Retrofitting Set. Other consoles from this set can be equipped for set bonuses and additional abilities.

Point Defense Bombardment Warhead

Experimental Weapon

The NX-class Escort Refit comes with an Experimental Weapon slot. This additional slot does not fit standard weapons. Unlike standard starship weapons, Experimental weapons are not affected by weapon firing modes, such as those granted by bridge officer abilities.

Specialization Seating

The NX-class Escort Refit features two bridge officer specialist seats:

  • Lieutenant Commander Tactical-Temporal Operative Lieutenant Command Universal-Temporal Operative

  • Lieutenant Tactical-Pilot Lieutenant Tactical-Pilot

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