Join the Official SRS CREW

Join the official SRS CREW today.

As an Official SRS CREW member you will receive the following:

1. A forum and membership badge showing your Official Crew Status 2. Your Official CREW badge on any MRP event graphics (see below) 3. In the readout of results to the SRS Armada Chat you will have the word [CREW] after your name, e.g. @Bobsmith [CREW]

4. Receive an additional 10,000 MRP for every event you take part in.

5. Access to Official CREW only competitions (coming soon).

6. Further benefits will be added in the future.

How to join the SRS Official CREW

This has to be one of the easiest wins in history.

1. Register and join our website and community by clicking the register button at the top of the page or clicking here

2. Make sure when you register you leave the "Join the community" checkbox ticked.

That's it, job done.

One more thing, so I know who you are in the game, either register with your game name or add it to your profile. When you've done this, send me a mail so I don't miss it and I'll add you to the MRP database as an Official Crew Member. The email address is

Existing members

You have all been given Official CREW status however for many of you I don't know who you are in the game as your registered name is nothing like your game name. Please mail me with your registered name and your game name, the bit after the @ (e.g. @bobsmith). Don't forget, don't miss out!

If you joined already but didn't join the community, here's how to fix it.

Login to the website if you are not already logged in.

Select "My Profile"

Click on the button under your picture to "Make Profile Public"

Don't worry, this only means you are visible to other members, it doesn't give away any personal information that you don't want to share and you can go private again at any time the same way.


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