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Jem'Hadar Week & NEWS

Greetings long-lived ones.

This week the Jem'Hadar are taking over STO. Here are the MRP Bonuses

Ship Bonus - Any Jem'Hadar Ship

Character - Jem'Hadar or Founder/Vorta

Double Max Hit Week

Fleet of the Week - SRS Dominion Alliance

SRS Endeavour this week - 10 MRP events for a rank point


The builds database from Wix is not working correctly. This has been replaced with Google Drive. Sadly I can't find a way to let you upload your builds directly, so for now, please email any build infographics, videos etc to

Most of the builds have been moved to the Archived folders, as they are all more than a year out of date and whilst they will still perform well above the average STO player they are certainly not meta. If you have a really great build then please create an infographic and send it to me for upload, you will also earn some EXP which boosts your MRP score. The builds database is found by clicking the BUILDS menu button. Some of the interactive builds have been hidden until they are updated.


There will be more livestreams, I have a few ideas and two, in particular, are waiting for certain events to happen.


Most of the time there are at least 20 people from SRS online, sometimes as many as 50 or 60, but only the same old handful of folks are taking part in our events. This is disappointing, the game is an MMO, it's designed to be played in teams, and the most fun you can have is in a team and on Discord. I see so many people just login to do a daily then go. I get we all have busy lives and there are plenty of other great games out there to play especially right now with Harry potter and Dead Space, but without you folks taking part this game will die. If you want to see STO and SRS doing well try logging in once or twice a week and taking part in an event, you may even enjoy it.

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