Introducing Weighted Averages

From today, logged DPS data will be weighted depending upon your build type.

These data are as follows

Beam Overload - 100%

Beam Fire At Will - 100%

Cannon Scatter Volley - 100%

Cannon Rapid Fire - 100%

Carrier - 70%

EPG - 60%

Mix - 100%

Drain - 100%

Torpedo - 100%

The two build types that will have their DPS weighted so far are EPG and Carrier.

The rationale behind this change is due to the fact that these two build types are considerably higher than any other type of build and as such it is easy to meet the Section 47 requirement of 180,000 DPS average, whereas achieving this average in a FAW build is considerably difficult for the top players and impossible for those with less experience/gear.

These changes will help to 'level the playing field'.

As a result the adjusted requirements for SRS MACO Spec Ops is now 100,000 DPS average and for Section 47 -SRS- is now 160,000 DPS average.

NOTE: These weighted DPS scores are not used for the DPS leagues, these will still record your actual DPS.

Example: It will now be necessary for a Carrier to achieve 225,000 DPS average in order to achieve 160,000 DPS for Section 47 qualification and an EPG build will need to reach 267,000 DPS average. I realise these targets are quite achievable by many of the players but will still represent a more considerable challenge for most.

NOTE2: The weighted values of 0.6 and 0.7 respectively may be changed either up or down at any time should they be deemed to be too high or too low. NOTE3: These weighted averages will begin to be added from today and will take some time to show in your Average DPS (Weighted) as now shown on your personnel file accessed from the website.


MRP In addition, these weighted DPS scores will also be used in the MRP calculation as the same problem exists, people at the limit of FAW abilities are penalised versus people running an average to good EPG build.


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