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Introducing SRS Ultimates

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge and the ultimate rewards?

Introducing Section 47 -SRS- Ultimates

We have three new combined missions for you to try. These missions are all quite difficult as they stand, but the ultimate challenge here is to complete all three without a single death from any teammate. This will require teamwork, good builds, a healer, a tank and plenty of damage.

Ultimate 1 - The definitive Space challenge

Can you complete possibly the most difficult set of space missions in STO without getting your starship's molecules scattered across the quadrant? I doubt it! Dranuur Gauntlet, possibly the hardest of all missions in the game right now, not least due to the juggernaut counting errors, you will need to kill far more than 9 juggernauts for this to work. Battle of Korfez, impossible to complete unless you are running Constable as a secondary specialisation, and Hive Onslaught, relatively easy to finish but not without the occasional death. Finishing this with no deaths will bring you a whopping two million MRP bonus over and above your MRP score.

Ultimate 2 - Still very challenging

Khitomer elite requires a team output of 600,000 DPS to complete in the time frame. You are also likely to get killed, a lot, especially the poor sod on the right of the map. Cure Found is a challenge to stay alive and keep the Kang alive too, and we finish with the old favourite as a relatively easy wind-down, Hive Onslaught. This only slightly easier ultimate will bring you a huge one point five million MRP bonus on top of your normal score.

Ultimate 3 - How's your ground game?

I feel your pain, Assault on Terok Nor elite, is a pain, a real pain, and if you don't keep the poor sap alive while he tries to lower the forcefield you've lost everything, this one will take some coordination for sure, but if you pull it off there's a colossal two million MRP bonus waiting for you.

Taking part:

Anyone may take part, but it stands to reason that you need to be the best of the best to try these out without expecting death on the team. I want to make it clear that if a death does occur that person should not be vilified (too much) and you ought to continue the mission as practice for the next attempt, you will still receive a hefty MRP score.

All the above are non-parsable events although HSE may be isolated by the CFOPS to count as a loggable event, however, due to the nature of the event, any team member may request a post expunge from the logs for this event free of charge.

Elite Achievement Leaderboard

Of course, all captains that take part in a successful team event will be added to our website on the Elite Achievement Leaderboard and your name will be immortalised in Star Trek history as one of the true greats of Star Trek Online. Good luck, you're gonna need it!

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