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Introducing SRS Hazard Team

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Based on the legendary Hazard Team from the video game Star Trek Voyager "Elite Force II"

A unique fleet who only fly Advanced Escorts or Fleet Patrol Escorts no greater than T5-X

Once you have qualified to join SRS Hazard Team you will be given a [Special Requisition Pack - Mirror Universe Advanced Escort]


Taking part in MRP missions as a Hazard Team Member will give you an automatic significant boost to your MRP (providing you are in the correct ship and uniform or you will receive no points)

SRS Hazard Team has been reformed from the original Team founded deep in the Delta Quadrant by Captain Kathryn Janeway. Now commanded by Fleet Admiral Alex Munro, the Hazard team deals with particularly dangerous and hostile away missions, incorporating a "short sharp shock" mentality. This is demonstrated in the choice of ship, the Advanced Fleet Patrol Escort. This ship, even though it is a Tier 5, can deliver impressively firepower to any situation and the T5-X version even more so. Builds for the T5 and T5-X will appear on the website soon.

T5-X ships will give T6 ships a run for their money if built correctly and the T5 which you are awarded for joining this fleet is not far behind. In tests yesterday the basic T5 ship pulled almost 150,000 DPS in Ninth rule and that wasn't a finished build by any means.

In order to join SRS Hazard Team you will have to qualify. Details on this qualification will be revealed when the fleet launches proper in January.*

In Star Trek Online vast amounts of firepower are available to you, this makes the game very easy even on elite settings. Joining the Hazard Team will add a challenge to daily missions that is somewhat lacking at the moment. It will not be easy, all your missions will be tough, but the rewards are great.

Look out for the full details on the website coming in January 2021 * If you are already a member you will not need to further qualify.

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