Introducing MRP Tours

We're excited to bring you a new way to play STO content, the SRS MRP Tours. The first three tours are ready to go and more will be added very soon. MRP Tours will operate on Mondays and Fridays, leaving Tuesdays for Federation Mission Replay, Wednesday for Klingon Mission Replay and Thursday for Romulan Mission Replay.

NOTE: Tours start at 8pm UK time so that's one hour earlier than mission replays.

The tours will take around 2 hours to complete and offer 6 times the normal MRP for a single mission. In addition, they will offer a huge bonus of 1 million MRP if the entire tour is completed with no deaths from any team member - strategy will be more important than DPS. Remember, this is a 6 times (6X) multiplier so the 1 million bonus will be 6 million bonus if nobody dies.

These missions will be parsed and at the end of the mission the CFOPS officer will choose the highest parsing chunk of time collected in the mission, but deaths will be noted manually, not taken from the parse.

The Tour will start with a briefing at the office in the Starfleet Academy to ensure everyone understands what to do.

When finishing a mission in a Tour which is a TFO, e.g. Hive Onslaught, you should remain in the map and the next mission will be queued immediately, e.g. Hive Onslaught ---> Into the Hive.

It is vital you have team chat on or are on Discord to discuss (preferable, even if you only listen).

We anticipate a high demand for the tours, this is a huge amount of MRP potential and a lot of fun, so there may well be several teams running concurrently.

The three tours which are set up and ready to go are as follows and more will be added soon.

1. Tour (MRP x 6) - Breen - Aiding the Deferi, Emancipation, Cold Case, Cold Storage

2. Tour (MRP x 6) - Borg - A Gathering Darkness, Hive Onslaught, Into the Hive, Assimilation

3. Tour (MRP x 6) - Terran Empire - Assault on Terok Nor, Counterpoint, Sentinels, Para Pacem, Illusion of communication

We hope that you enjoy this new exciting feature for SRS.

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