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MRP Consoles are highly specialised devices that you can purchase for your account using merits. Once you purchase a console it will work with all your ships, it even works on the ground to a limited extent.

How do they work?

Each console is different and will have a different effect on your score. The important fact to note is that the adjustment to your MRP score is over and above any caps. For example, a console may work by giving you 10% of your DPS score as MRP points and adding it to your final score.

E.G. Your final score is 425,000 MRP.

Your DPS was 120,000

With the console added you will get 10% of 120,000, ie 12,000 points added on to your score

Your final score will, therefore, be 437,000 MRP.

Limited availability

These new consoles will be available for one month each year. Once expired a new console will be introduced and it will no longer be possible to buy the previous console until the same time next year.

It is important therefore to ensure you buy the right console for you when it becomes available.

How do I know which consoles I have?

You will be able to look at the personnel Files to see which consoles you have already purchased.

How much do they cost?

Each console costs 150 merits each. The price is quite high because the extra points you earn are added over and above any caps on the final MRP score. NOTE these consoles are not subject to the 20% discount you receive for merit packs as they are a different system.

What consoles are available?

All consoles will be added to this page when they become available.

How do I acquire a console?

Simply make a request to a CFOPS officer or mail matt ingame or IRL to This is the same way you would buy merit packs. CFOPS

You will be relieved to know you don't have to do anything regarding the scores with these new consoles, everything is automated. You can, however, see if someone has got a console and which one they have. In this example, Matt is showing that he has the QCCD console.

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