Introducing Interactive Infographic Builds

The next level in build presentation is now available on our website. These builds take a long time to put together in the website so don't expect to see them very often. For the first one I have chosen my cherished Galaxy Dreadnought Cruiser, The Galaxy-X, first seen in "All Good Things", the final episode of TNG.

This is a beam overload build with a surprising amount of durability. You can access the build from the build menu or by clicking here:

Click on each item and a special side window will open giving details, on most of them you can also magnify the details page if you are on a small monitor. I recommend you use the Crtl + Mouse scroll wheel so that the frontal saucer of the ship fills your monitor as you zoom in.

Would love to get your feedback on this idea. It took about 4 hours to produce although the next one will be quicker as some of the files are the same for each build.

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