Updated: Mar 29, 2020

MRP Patch notes 280320

The sheets are now able to determine which fleet a particular character is in and what their career is. This is shown on the calculation sheet as seen above. This gives us more control over scoring and makes certain tasks easier, for example, if it is a Romulan week the CFOPS can now easily see if that character qualifies or not. It also allows us to not count players who are joining us but are still in another armada. If someone who has a character in SRS but also has characters in another fleet not in our armada and chooses to use that character, they will get a zero score. To be clear: If your character is not in an SRS Armada Fleet they will get a 0 score

This is something I wanted to add for years but was uncertain on how to do it, Cryptic gave the solution with the option to export each fleet roster to a CSV file which our sheets import and determine careers and fleets. The above change is automatic and the CFOPS officer cannot change the result. This will ensure that all those on our missions will receive a score if they are a member of one of our 11 fleets. If you are still wondering whether or not to bring over your other characters to SRS then this should help you make up your mind as a Zero score will also lower your overall average MRP and affect all subsequent NPE events (Non-parseable events). MRP for this week

Kobayashi maru event in the MRP sheets This event is broken and does not qualify any longer for the multiplier due to one of the NPC abilities in the game to crash the combat log parser. The only event that should be run now with the multiplier is the Arena of Sompek. CFOPS may run the event and if the log doesn't crash then they can use the multiplier but be warned eventually it will crash and then you will lose your total log. I advise running the log for the first minute to get the player names then switch off the combatlog with "/combatlog 0" and run the NPE version in the sheet. If you do manage to complete it and nothing goes wrong then fine, continue as normal but if you get high enough it will break.

SRS Elite Fleets

The 3 month grace period is coming to an end and those players who have failed to qualify for SRS MACO Spec Ops or Section 47 -SRS- and are still in those fleets will be transferred automatically to other fleets on April 1st. Now is your last chance to try and build up those scores. Note the ongoing monitoring of these fleets will now commence and last until December 31st when they will be locked again until March 31st 2021.

Interim Prize

Don't forget you are now playing for an incredible prize of ANY SHIP, that's right, the winner will fly away in the ship of their choice from all of Cryptic's ships, whether lock box, R&D, C Store or wherever (not counting event ships and ships that are not available on the exchange). Best of all you don't have to even get a good score, just take part and provided that you have played a quarter of the events (100) or more when the first player to reach 400 events triggers the lottery you will be entered into the competition. There is a fantastic second chance prize of a Maquis Raider for those not lucky enough to win the main prize. Lottery SRS is adding 100 million EC to the lottery pool this weekend, so whoever wins is sure of a fantastic prize. To boost your chances make sure you get your tickets before 8pm Sunday 29th March. To enter see the lottery page here


Lots of people are staying at home and playing the game more and more, whilst this is not the way we hoped to get recruits you are all most welcome and we hope you love the fleet as much as we do. Recruiters, take note, now is the time to bring new folks into our family. In the meantime please follow your government's advice, stay at home, protect your health service, save lives.


Our xBs fleet is gaining momentum and soon we will have news on how xBs members can win that Borg ship, but this will only be for members of the xBs so make sure you get your Borg toon into the fleet as soon as possible, to see if you are eligible see our webpage for the fleet here:

Matt Johnson C in C

SRS Fleets

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