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Hide and seek!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

From Bajor to Kobali, passing through Defera, Andoria and New Romulus, STO has so many beautiful maps that we don't often explore. So, I'm proud to present you the SRS hide and seek! How it works:

A CFOP puts the normal MRP invite message on the chat, for people to join. There is no limit on how many people can join per round.

After the invitation period closes, the CFOP announces the map (and instance if necessary) where it will be done. Everyone participating rallies up on said map on the beam in point.

The CFOP selects the seeker. After this, the seeker counts 2 minutes for the hiders to hide.

If the seeker find a hider, they have to post in chat "found ×". At that point, said hider becomes a seeker.

Every 10 minutes, the seeker can select an area of the map to be evacuated (North East, North West, South East, South West).

After thirty minutes or when all hiders are found, the game ends. The CFOP counts the points and gives the scores.

Places accessible by glitches are not allowed and result is disqualification. Looking in the map for people is also counted as cheating.


1st Place - 5 million MRP

Hiders that remain - 2 million MRP

Hiders that were found - 1 million MRP

Hiders that join the Seekers after being found - extra 1 million MRP

Seeker - 5 million MRP

This event will be run once a week or more if other CFOPs decide to run it.

CFOPs, read the post on how to run this event.

Let's try this unusual event, starting saturday,


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