Help Bob find Alice - Win 100 million EC

Bob has made it to our home page but his friend and fellow astronautical physicist Alice is lost somewhere on one of the pages of our website.

Can you help guide Alice back to Bob? To do so all you have to do is find the page that Alice is currently on and copy the URL (the page address) and then email it to me

It will take Alice a week to get back to the homepage by most reckonings, and each day of the week Alice will be on a different but publicly accessible page on the website. Send your answer for each day to the email above.

The winner will be the chosen by random from all entrants who get it right for each day, losers will be condemned to float through our web pages for ever!


You must send an answer each day, e.g. day 1 Alice is here:

You must be a member of an SRS Armada fleet.

You must include your ingame account name (the bit after the @, e.g. bob@smith#1234, the smith#1234 is the account name

Day 1 is live now, can you find Alice today?

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