Ground DPS League

From today CFOPS officers can start logging parseable ground events. Player's DPS will be logged continually and unlike Space, DPS will not be a rolling 50 events so your DPS average will be calculated for all time. Events that are loggable such as Into the Hive, Nukara Prime: Transdimensional Tactics, Bug Hunt etc will have the word LOG in their description, so you know you are going to have your DPS recorded.

If you don't want your DPS recorded you must state at the start of the event that you wish to be expunged. Those players who have bought the expunge pack with merits can choose to make that decision at the end of the event when they have had a chance to see how they have done. I hope you enjoy this new dimension to ground events in SRS. To check the ground DPS League just click the button at the top of each page.

Sakari Challenge DPS Tracker

A button has been added to the Sakari challenge graphs that will direct you immediately to the logs area. You may upload directly from this area or download other people's logs to interrogate. If you download a log it will have a .txt extension, to open it in the SCM parser you will need to change the extension to .log.

MRP Patch Notes

* The Log Data button for space has been replaced with a button that is labelled "Log Space"

** This script will require your authorisation as it has been modified.

* A new button labelled "Log Ground" is now visible on the sheet and will require your authorisation.

** Events that are loggable will display the LOG DATA alert in green in the same way it does for space events. * The played RESET button has been removed as it was not needed.

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