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If you have been keeping up with your personnel file on the website you will know that you have two ranks in the game which are not always the same.

The rank shown on the website is your actual SRS Armada level rank, this is automatically calculated from your MRP scores and other factors. However, your rank in the game can only be given by an officer. So what happens if your Armada rank is Vice-admiral but your ingame rank is only Captain? Simple, you need to request a promotion. To do this we have added a "Request Promotion" button to the Personnel files area shown below.

If you don't see this button then refresh the website as you are looking at a cached version.

Clicking the button will open a simple form where you can tell us if you think you need a promotion. Remember that in the game there is only room for promotion from Captain onwards, so don't expect any change if you are going from Lieutenant to Commander! Fill in the form you will see with each character on your account that is also in an SRS fleet. If you have more than 5 characters then run the form again. Simples! We will promote you as soon as we get the chance.

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