Garak's No Death Week

Back for this week is Garak's NO DEATH challenge, and this time none of you are immune to Garak's review. Following the last event, Garak had the following remarks to the C in C, Matt Johnson.

MJ "Well Garak, how do you think your new No Death challenge went?"

EG "I must say, Matthew, I was honoured to be chosen to spearhead a new set of challenges for the SRS, however..." MJ "Yes, something bothering you Garak?" EG "Well, it did seem a little disproportionate, wouldn't you say?" MJ "How so?"

EG "Did you notice how those Captains who had access to all kinds of death expunging systems managed to walk away with enormous MRP, whilst those with no such accoutrements were severely punished?"

MJ "Hmm, yes, I suppose you're correct Garak, what do you propose" EG "My dear Matthew, the answer is simple is it not, remove said accoutrements, put all the Captains on a, how do you say it, a level playing field"

MJ "Quite so Garak, it will be done, thank you" EG "Oh but it was my pleasure, I look forward to the next event with anticipation, providing, of course, I can finish the hem line on these new dresses in time".

New for this challenge, all death pack allowances are ignored for the final calculation. Here is an example.

Player scores 500K MRP and doesn't die, he gets 1 million MRP. If he dies then he gets 250K, so a huge difference. In addition, and to make it even more challenging, you will receive bonuses for threat and damage taken.


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