From the Ashes Details are now available

Head on over to our special website special event now to see the full details of the 6 day From the Ashes event starting March 8.

Win big prizes! Receive daily DOFF packs.




We didn't raise enough for a good prize this week so the lottery has been rolled over to next week.



The various Chief of Fleet Operations officers who host events have real life issues to deal with and so CFOPS are in short supply. We particularly wish Bear well who is in hospital now but whom we hope will be back on duty soon.



Welcome to all the new recruits this week, all 40 of you. We hope you enjoy serving the Federation and KDF as part of SRS. Don't forget, there are no dumb questions, so feel free to ask away in chat.



Just a reminder as Discord is so busy now. Please remember to be respectful on Discord, I don't want to hear any racist jokes, or any jokes or comments with an IST in them. Anyone ignoring the rules will be removed from Discord.


Commander in Chief SRS Command and Associated Fleets

Fleet Admiral Matt Johnson

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