Forum on fire over Mudd's Store

For anyone who hasn't logged on this evening, how does 14,000 Zen for a Vizier sound, or several thousand zen for a pet? Of course after the discounts begin offered they prices are far lower but still eye-wateringly high for the kind of items Cryptic are offering in Mudd's Store.

Many people on the forums are saying it's a joke, but others have been crazy enough to actually buy some items, others are talking about the legality of the pricing as in countries like the UK these prices would be illegal in a regular store. Of course, with gaming, as always, there is a very grey area between what's legal in the real world and what's legal in the pixelverse. Still, it's definitely a popcorn thread, pop over and have a read yourself, see what you think, and for now we recommend NOT buying anything in that store.

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