Fleet Etiquette

Everyone, this is a friendly reminder to follow fleet etiquette whilst playing Star Trek Online together. The following points are noted:

  1. We are all here to have fun, destress and enjoy ourselves, let's not have a blame game culture if someone screws up an event. Politely explain what the problem was and offer help on resolving it, shouting, swearing, bullying or humiliating the person is not acceptable.

  2. Please remember that we are generally family-friendly, especially in fleet chat, but it should be noted that some people have felt uncomfortable with the kind of constant bad language and innuendo coming across the Discord channel, some players may have the game and Discord coming from their speakers and their children may be around to hear. We also have children playing with us and also on Discord sometimes (under 18s) please remember this.

  3. When on TFOs and other events, remember you are an ambassador for SRS, so don't get involved in an argument with a non-fleet member of the TFO, it achieves nothing other than to portray SRS in a less than positive light, regardless of who is right and wrong.

  4. Finally, remember that it's nice to be nice and it's also very difficult recruiting people into the fleet, let's not lose them as soon as they arrive by our behaviour in the channels and Discord.

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