Fleet Changes

As of now, SRS MACO has been merged with SRS Spec Ops to become SRS MACO SPEC OPS. The previous fleet of SRS MACO is now SRS Allied Expeditionary Force or A.E.F. for short. The above image is the new logo for the AEF. Entry to the AEF is dependent soley on exploration, you must achieve 1 million MRP from the exploration system to become a member of the AEF. The financial and item rewards from the previous MACO fleet have been kept for the AEF. Any officer who is currently in SRS MACO and does not automatically qualify for membership of AEF will be transferred to SRS Command effective today. If you login and see an invite to SRS Command waiting this is what's happened.

The details for the AEF can be found on the website page here

The remit of the fleet is as follows:


The SRS Allied Expeditionary Force is open to all races from all factions (hence the allied, and the main goal is to explore unknown reaches of the galaxy, to ascertain threats to the Federation and to call in other resources should that threat be a real and present danger. The secondary role is to make first contact with new species and extend the hand of friendship to our galactic neighbours.


The combined forces of SRS MACO and SRS Spec Ops are now part of the SRS MACO SPEC OPS fleet. The requirements to enter have not been changed. The rewards with membership also remain unchanged. The log has changed as you can see above.

There are now only two elite fleets, this one and the much tougher to enter Section 47 -SRS-

Various changes are being updated on the website and you may still see some references to the old fleets, these will be updated when seen.

Rank Requirements Change

With the rate at which people are earning MRP the MRP point requirement has been changed to advance to the higher levels in the fleet. You may see your rank drop if you look at the personnel or rank pages, anyone who's rank has dropped in the tables will not be demoted in the actual fleet, your rank is safe.

If you have any questions please comment below.


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