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Fed and KDF teaming

Hi folks

There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding KDF aligned races and Fed aligned races playing together on SRS MRP events.


When STO first launched the KDF were a PvP only faction that you could access once you had reached a certain level (20 iirc). They were never supposed to have a storyline as such and were not designed to play in teams with the main faction which is the Federation. Star Trek is about the Federation and the KDF races were guest characters in the adventure.

As the game progressed the KDF faction expanded to have its own rich storyline and missions and is now almost as expansive as the Federation side. However, the hardcore coding that meant KDF and Feds were always enemies is buried deep within the game and cannot be changed.


This means that KDF and Federation cannot be teamed together in the normal way. In order for them to team, they have to be together in a special map that allows it, places such as Nimbus, Winter Wonderland and all TFO (Task Force Operations). When Feds team together to play a Fed mission replay or a patrol the KDF characters cannot join because they cannot team with the Feds. This is the same when KDF teams form, they cannot invite a Fed to the team.

SRS MRP Events

Our events are not exclusively Federation based as someone thought yesterday. All TFOs we run are open to KDF as well as Feds, most of our patrols are Fed only because that's what most people play, but if enough people want to form KDF patrols then we will run those too, in the latter case they will be KDF only.

To summarise


Fed & KDF

Public Zones

Fed & KDF

Teams for Patrols

Fed or KDF, not both

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