FEAAD Available Oct 1


Focused Energy Anti-Attenuation Device [FEAAD]

The FEAAD is a breakthrough in focused particle physics. It has long been known that particle energy is attenuated over distance and follows the basic physical laws for light attenuation of 1/d2, where d is the distance to an object or target. Now by incorporating an annular confinement beam, similar to that used in transporter technology, the attenuation of focused energy weapons is reduced considerably. This results in 20% less attenuation and thereby increases your DPS by 20%.

Increases MRP points by 20% of your total DPS for the following builds, CRF, CSV, BO, FAW. This has no effect on EPG or Torpedoes.

100 Merits, 4 master keys or 24 million EC

See all the consoles on our dedicated page here: https://www.srs-fleet.net/mrp-consoles

This exciting console is only available from October 1 to October 31 2020, but will also be available in the Mega Pack coming December 2020. Price to be announced.

Patch Notes

The bonus for being in an elite fleet has been set to 5% of your base MRP since the start of the elite fleets. However, this does not currently reflect an appreciable bonus and so an additional bonus of 5% has been added to your total MRP score for being in an elite fleet from today. For example, if you score 500,000 MRP then you gain an additional 25,000 MRP for being in an elite fleet on top of any caps.

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