EPG BAN Announcement

Due to Cryptics inability to properly balance Star Trek Online we have decided to ban all EPG DPS builds from our MRP runs.

The ban will come into effect on the 8th of April to allow those of you who run EPG builds to adhere to the new changes. EPG builds are simply too strong and no other builds can even come close to compete with them on most of our missions. I realise a lot of you out there are currently running EPG builds and will be affected by this change but i do believe this is the best for the health of our fleet and the MRP competition. Please note that all science builds will not be banned. Players will be allowed to captain carefully curated science builds with certain restrictions to limit their damage potential but further their support potential as we believe was the intended use of science builds. However, these science builds can only be captained by science career players. While we would never restrict anyone from flying what they want on our missions failure to adhere to these restrictions will result in a complete loss off all MRP points for that specific event. Please see the following stats which back up our reasoning. http://bit.ly/39AAcT0

Matt Johnson

C in C

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