End of year awards

MRP Prizes for 2019

MRP comes to an end today with the last event expected around 23:00 UTC. On Sunday I will be working out who are the winners. There are 20 prizes and these will be issued as master keys for convenience with a rate of 5 million EC per master key.

We will hold an award ceremony on ESD next to Q at 22:00 UTC. The instance will be announced at the time and people may need to be in multiple teams to get in. Please wear your fleet uniform, let's put on a good show for the onlookers. If you don't turn up you forfeit your prize. (Ha, got ya, just joking, anyone who can't be there will have their prize mailed to them). If you no longer play STO and don't want your prize please let me know and it will be added to the lottery for the following week.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize - To the Captain with the highest MRP score this year - 1 billion EC - 200 keys

2nd Prize - 500 million EC - 100 Keys

3rd Prize - 250 million EC - 50 Keys

4th Prize - 125 million EC - 25 Keys

5th Prize - 50 million EC - 10 Keys

6th Prize - 25 million EC - 5 Keys

7th - 10th prize - 20 million EC each - 4 master keys

11th to 20th prize - 10 million EC each - 2 master keys MRP events begin again on Sunday 5th January at 0:00 with a special event designed to kick-start the 2020 season.

10th Anniversary

We don't yet have the full details of the 10th anniversary event but we do know it's big and it kicks off with special Borg TFOs in January. Whatever it is it should be exciting as Cryptic have had the whole team working on it for some time now.

MRP 2020

I will be taking a look at the MRP system for 2020 during the downtime and you can expect changes for next year. Lifetime progress with things like DPS scores, merits and possibly lifetime MRP will be kept but other things will change although I'm not sure what exactly at this stage but there are many ideas flying around!


Thanks to everyone who took part in our events this year. 2019 was a difficult year with the scrapping of the foundry and yours truly at one point almost never came back. It was you guys who got me back into the game though, truth is after the somewhat sterile community in ESO it was a breath of fresh air to get back on Discord with all my old friends (and some new ones) and try to refresh the game with our events and our new exploration system. I can't wait for 2020 and I hope you'll all be there with me as we take on the Borg and more. Matt Johnson


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