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End of an Era

I've been away for the last two weeks on vacation and was unable to play any games during that time. I am aware that not a single event was run for the two weeks and this is very disappointing, however, it was not through lack of trying. There simply weren't enough people online. This has been an ongoing situation for the whole year and with the release of some really great games like Starfield and BG people are playing other things. I will be back on STO this evening and will be running through the new episode from around 9 pm UK time. SRS for the future

Embracer is selling Gearbox as reported by Reuters a couple of weeks ago. I doubt this will have any impact on Cryptic but it could, either positively or negatively. There are many new games being released all the time that take players away from STO. Cryptic's idea of a season every 4 months is one episode, a couple of TFOs and a new gamble ship, the entire content can be played in around 2 hours. What's worse is they have an event which makes you hammer that content 20 times which takes away from its interest, for me at least, it just means that after playing it 20 times I don't want to do it again for a long time. We are really struggling to get people to play the game and we have now moved over to a bi-daily schedule whilst playing other games on alternate days, for me that's ESO, others are on Elite Dangerous and Starfield, and soon I will be playing the Cyberpunk DLC which I already purchased. MRP to end With this said it's clear to me that STO has a bleak future, people who join us only do so to access fleet provisions, and the vast majority are not interested in taking part in events. So, unless anything changes, this year will be the last year of MRP, I am not prepared to put in the work required to run it if nobody is interested in playing for understandable reasons. In addition, the website is due for renewal in January at a cost of £240 for 2 years, this is not something I am prepared to pay, so from January next year this website will become archived as a free site. Updates will be done on our discord server only with notifications to X (Twitter ) and Facebook. The same is likely to happen with Skyrim Red Shirts. Discord is all we need to organise and enjoy games, it's where 99% of all game chat is carried out anyway. Competitions to continue

We will still run events and have competitions but they will all be on our Discord server. There will no longer be MRP points, neither will there be any DPS leagues. After years of working on these systems, I feel sad that the lack of interest has driven me to close them down, at least I taught myself javascript and spreadsheet coding although I don't know if I will need it in the future, doubtful to be honest. I'd like to thank the following people for their help over the years: Mike Driver Fer Jerry O'Callaghan John Fracentese (@docjohn3) Jessica Combs (@msevilkitties)

Kyle Sephton (@spawnner) SRS Will Continue We most certainly will continue with STO and the other games, but as you have probably noticed the Discord Server is now called SRS Games, and we are adding new games to the server all the time with Elite Dangerous being added right now. The fleets will be maintained as best we can and we hope that in the future the game will be revived and we can go back to how things used to be. Also, our YouTube channel will have videos and live streams from time to time but these will be features from all the games we play. So this is not the end of SRS, just the end of how we used to play when the game was alive, it's not what I hoped for but times have changed clearly and so have I. So, finally, if you are not currently on our discord server I highly encourage you to join as soon as possible, the link is below, don't worry, you don't have to speak, just use it as a resource and if you enter the voice channel you can just listen, some events in ESO require you to be on discord listening at least as complex mechanics require real-time instructions. I've been honoured to be your leader all these years, it's been a privilege and I look forward to guiding many more of you over the coming years via Discord, Facebook, X and YouTube. All the best and Live long and prosper Matt Johnson

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